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Cardfight!! Vanguard Fanfiction Seasons.

My ideas for how my fanfiction will play out. So enjoy the upcoming parts.
Starting with the first part:
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Burning Spirit. This is the first part or first season of my series. It takes place in a time after the anime. Where the Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Kagero and Aqua Force are Legendary Clans and are hard to come by. Our Cardfighters go through the Regional Tournament and National Tournament, where they face many challenges ahead. The idea is to introduce the first set of Cardfighters and show that even card games can develop relationships with other people. It also has Limit Break units off the bat.

Second part:
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Force of Lightning. The second season takes place a year after the Tournament and our Cardfighters are introduced to a new challenge: the World Cray Fighter Cup, is a tournament that is designed for those with great skill and are also previous winners of National Tournaments. But the catch is, the Legendary Clans are banned, except for one in particular used by the last WCF winner. (World Cray Fighters) Shinichi and Ushio must use different Clans from the Kagero and Royal Paladin Clans they used in the other fights. Lucky for them, they use the sibling Clans Narukami and Gold Paladin. Unlucky for them, is that there is one individual who comes from the planet Cray and want all of our energy to rule the planets.

Third Part:
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Light, Shadow and Nothingness. The third season takes place two years after our Cardfighters participate in the WCF Cup. They are introduced the new archetypes of their Clans, that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. With added new Limit Break units called Break Rides. Interesting. Thing go well for our Cardfighters, new characters and Clans are introduced. And the Legendary Clans make a return to the public. But, within the confines of time, there is a world much like our own earth called: the Reverse World. Within, there was a war. Between other countries that used the units of Vanguard as soldiers. Some people tried to end it, and they did. Only now, no human is left. But there are the Reverse Fighters, now appearing in our world to try and "harmonies and subjugate" us. At there side is a clan that is so terrible and powerful, it was sealed away for so long until it was revived by the Reverse Fighters, they are: the Link Joker Clan. Can our Fighters stand up against the Reverse Fighters and the combined might of Reversed units, and their masters the Link Joker?

Anyway. Those are my ideas, tell me what you think and I pose a question. Should I do a fourth part/ season four? Let me know. Bye guys.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year 2014

Well, it's almost 2014. With new things introduced to Vanguard each time. We had Cross Rides with Dragonic Overlord the End and Phantom Blaster Overlord. Limit Break units. The popular of which were Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion. Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom and Spectral Duke Dragon. And now, the new Break Ride units have been introduced. Solitary Liberator, Gancelot has to be my favorite. As someone who has gone from Royal Paladin to Gold Paladin Liberators, and how Gancelot wasn't the best Vanguard, but not the worst, to a Break Ride unit with 11000 from his 9000 is a big boost. But soon, the Link Joker Clan and their Lock skills will soon come down upon Cray in the English Format. It's up to Cardfighter like us to stand against them. Tell me what your favorite unit is that is a Cross Ride or Limit Break. Tell me what type for Break Ride you're looking forward to adding to you deck or you're favorite type of Break Ride is. And also your most disliked card. I'll be sure to see you guys in 2014.

Stand Up, Vanguard!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Burning Spirit Episode 2

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Burning Spirit

Episode 2: Rebirth of the Overlord

“You have no hope of winning. Might as well give up, now.” Ushio said, his eyes with that colour, it was all too strange and it gave me chills. I rubbed it off and said to him.

“Who are you to look down on me?” Looking at him furiously, he was starting to get on my nerves. Ushio looked at me, cool and uncaring,

“Quiet, you’re obviously below me, just like you sister’s boyfriend.” Ushio said, just smiling with such sinister eyes. At this time, Kiriko and her friends past the area I was near, her friends pointed it out what I was doing over there.

“Your brother seems to be getting his but handed to him.” One of her friends said, then the other pipped up and said. “You said it sister.” 

They Laughed so loud that it could be herd throughout the courtyard. Kiriko was just watching in the background while her friends went on about how hot and sexy Ushio was.
What are you doing Shinichi? she thought, I could barely contain my anger towards this guy.

“Hope you’ve said your prayers.” Ushio said, taking the card and was ready to ride to the next grade.

“Nobel white wings of pride, spread through the sky and take flight. Proud knight, lead the charge! Ride the Vanguard! Solitary Knight, Gancelot!” Blaster Blade ignited into blue, glowing light and was replaced with the silver knight from his tournament win, grade 3 with 9000 power. The battle was only just getting started. Ushio took two cards and placed them onto the open Rear-Guard circles.

“I call Little Sage Marron, Knight of the Harp Tristan and Knight of Rose, Morgana!” Ushio said, placing the cards down, Marron appears again but behind Tristan, a young knight with white hair, covered by white armour with golden tints, a blue cape and a white toga with golden outlines, wielding a light blade in his left hand and a harp in his right, grade 2 with 8000 power. Morgana appears next to Gancelot of his left, she is a woman of the knightly order, with blond hair and silky white clothing, with bionic arms and legs and armed with a light blade with a rose like grip, grade 1 with 6000 power. Ushio flips two his damage cards over and announces.

“Counterblast 2, Gancelot’s skill. While Blaster Blade is in the soul, Gancelot is given +5000 power and +1 Critical.” Gancelot has a blue aura around him, indicating that he’s powered up; his power went from 9000 up to +14000 and +2 Critical, John looks at me; I can see he’s afraid for me.

“Come on man, don’t give up.” John said. In an obvious shaken tone but also very encouraging and supportive. Which is more than what the others were doing. They we’re all rooting for Ushio to win, they all did, my sister’s friends, the other grade elevens and even those who are part of John’s vanguard group. I could see John wasn’t happy with them, but I needed to worry about this assault. Ushio turns Morgana and says.

“Knight of Rose, Morgana will attack your Vanguard first, I also activate her skill. By tossing one card in the Drop Zone, her attack is increased by +4000 power!” Morgana’s aura showed that her power was increased from 6000 to +10000; she raised her blade and charged at Nehalem, my Vanguard. I took a card from my hand a placed it on the Guardian Circle.

“I Guard, with Dragon Dancer, Monica.” I said, a woman with long dark brown hair wearing tribal dancer clothing made of dragon scales, grade 0 with 5000 Shield. Morgana strikes Monica down with one fatal slash across her chest. Monica explodes into red sparks, but Morgana cannot continue her assault, she has been pushed back, I smiled and sighed that I got through one attack, but two more were coming up.

“Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet, I’m far from done!” Ushio yelled, his eyes glowing again and turning Wingal and Gancelot, forwarding the attack. Ushio then said.

“Wingal boosts Gancelot, and he attack Nehalem!” Gancelot now had Wingal’s blue aura, his power went from 14000, add by Wingal’s 6000 power it became +20000 power and he still had a +2 Critical. Gancelot charged at Nehalem, raising his blade up as his Pegasus took flight.

No Guard.” I said, hoping to survive this attack.

“Twin Drive.” Ushio took the first card and revealed it, and it was a Trigger.

“Critical Trigger, I give +5000 power to Tristan and the Critical to Gancelot. Second check, no Trigger.” Tristan glowed blue and his power was increased to +13000 power from his regular 8000, Gancelot had another Critical and was at +3 Critical. I was about to see some major damage. Gancelot flew up to where Nehalem was and struck him with his sword coming down. Gancelot flew back to where he stood before. Nehalem cried in pain and held his chest. I started to sweat a bit from this fight, Ushio still had that smile, the type of smile that a deranged madman would have, I knew that I had to try and defeat him.

“Damage check.” I took the damage, the second, and last the third. This glowed yellow and turned out to be a Trigger.

“Draw Trigger, +5000 power to my Vanguard, and I draw 1card.” Nehalem gained power and was up to +15000. Nehalem stood back up, but still had his hand on his chest, after a few seconds he picked his javelin up and steadied himself. I was now nerves, thinking I wouldn’t be able to survive this last attack.

“Boosted by Marron, Tristan attack! This is the end!” He said as he turned the cards, Ushio was now laughing manically; I had to do something and quick. Tristan now glowed blue with Marron’s aura his 13000 power was now pilled one by Marron’s 8000, making him +21000 power. Tristan lunged forward to Nehalem, with his blade is hand he tried to come down from above that slice Nehalem in half.

“You see, this is the winning image I saw, PSY Qualia has shown me the way. Now perish!” Ushio said, pointing at me as he said the last words of his speech. I had a question for him, exactly what is this, PSY Qualia? Did he use it the tournament to win? Do I possess such a thing? But that would have to wait, I needed to win, I have to win and I will win.

“Guard! Embodiment of Spear, Tahr!” I said, courageously and not letting my fears stop me. I placed the card on the Guardian Circle and Ushio look surprised, for the first time I’ve made a dent. Tahr is a human male, dressed in Arab like headdress and clothing, wielding a steel spear with a weird attachment near the end of it, grade 0 with 10000 Shield. Tahr was my guardian; I now had enough to protect myself. Nehalem was 15000 thanks to the Trigger, top that with Tahr’s Shield of 10000 I was now at +25000, more than Tristan’s 21000 power. Tahr raised his spear above his head from where Tristan was about the come down from, Tristan’s blade sliced through Tahr and his spear, Tahr vanished. Tristan made a desperate attempt to attack Nehalem but was blocked by his shield; after Nehalem pushed his weapon away he then smacked him with the blunt end of his javelin. Tristan fell of the dragon doing back flips and landing safely on the ground next to Gancelot.

“Nice man!” John said. Cheering me on, I was now able to breathe a sigh of relief. Now that I guarded that attack, he couldn’t continue his turn. Shinichi 5 damage and Ushio, 4 damage. I was ready to end this fight, and Ushio looked frightened.

“I don’t believe it; my PSY Qualia showed me Tristan would finished you this turn how… How is it that you 
stopped it?! I don’t get it, this isn’t the way I pictured it!” Ushio said, his eyes were close from his anger, I couldn’t understand what PSY Qualia was, but I guessed that it was some type of future telling ability, that it shows what unit will end the game for you. That much I understood, but I had to say something.

“You didn’t win this turn because; I think that you have relied too much on that power.” I said, trying to get to him somehow, his response, however was very frightening.

“SHUT UP! What the hell do you know? I’ve grown stronger thanks to this power, and that is all I care for, POWER!” Ushio yelled out, we all looked a bit scared, even myself. But I had to get to him, I had to say something. His black hair covered his eyes, his anger was very visible by the way he was bearing his teeth, everyone was confused and worried for Ushio, they didn’t understand what was going on; they must have thought we were putting on some type of show, I finally said something to break the tension.

“Sure, I might not understand what you’ve gone through to think that power is the only thing that matters, but I can guess. You have someone in your family, that needs your help, and you think the best way to help is to become this.” Ushio looked up at me, I could see that he was holding back tears, but the look he gave me; it wasn’t anger or anything on that level, it was an understanding surprise look, as if I knew him very well.

“How….. Did you know?” Ushio asked, he only have one tear come down his left eye, I smiled at him, I knew that I had finally gotten to him, I…. Have made an acquaintance of him.

“Because…. I’m going through the same thing as you.” I said to him, hoping to get across to him personality, but we still had a match to finish. I felt something, something I’ve never felt before, it was happiness. I felt happy for the first time in ages, and I was having some much fun. But I also felt courage, I somehow knew that this card; the card I was about to draw would be something big. My hand had this flaming aura to it, red hot fire covered my hand then shot up to my arm and all around me, this type of flame was something only I could see, but I knew that Ushio could see it to because his face changed to a surprised and confused look at the same time.

“Stand and Draw.” I turn my units up right and draw my card; the flames left a trail as I saw the card with my eyes. I was amazed at what I drew; this card could win me the Cardfight.

What….What was that, Ushio thought, looking at me. I smiled; preparing myself for what will come next.

“It’s time to kick this game up a notch.” I said, raising the card above my head and began to chant.

“Descend from hellfire. Burn everything in this world to ashes with you apocalyptic fire! Ride! Dragonic Overlord!” I yelled, placing the card on top of the Vanguard Circle and it glowed red. Nehalem bursts into a red glow as fire erupts around him and the dragon. They disappear and in their place, the might dragon rises from the flames, dawned in red and dark blue scales, flames for wings and armed with a mighty blade called The Sword of the Apocalypse, he roars and the flames shoot out, they were shot in the sky, turning it into a lovely blend of orange, while it didn’t last long it was a beautiful, he also has yellow eyes, a horn and red little wing like features on his face, grade 3 with 11000. Gancelot stared in fear at this towering dragon, standing against him. Overlord looked down at him, with what seemed to be a smile formed on his face.

“I retire Berserk Dragon and call Embodiment of Armour, Bahr and Dragon Knight, Nehalem.” I said, taking the card and putting it in the Drop Zone, then replacing it with the new ones. Bahr appears behind Nehalem, grade 1 with 8000 power and grade 2 with 10000 power. Nehalem spun his javelin around, preparing for battle. I placed my hand onto my Damage Zone.

“Dragonic Overlord’s skill, Counterblast!” I said, flipping three cards in my Damage Zone over to use his skill. Dragonic Overlord had a red aura surrounding him. My right hand was on my Dragonic Overlord; its art was amazing and showed how my deck will shine. This card is my avatar.

“My Dragonic Overlord powers up by +5000, and gains a handy skill.” I said. Josh was watching and almost giggling like a school girl, so I knew he was enjoying it. Dragonic Overlord’s power went up to +16000 on his own. I now turn Bahr and Nehalem side-ways for an attack. Bahr’s 8000 increased Nehalem’s power to +18000.

“Boosted by Bahr, Nehalem attacks Gancelot.” I said. Smiling and trying to enjoy myself. Nehalem glows with the red aura given to him by Bahr. He fires a fireball at Gancelot; Ushio takes a card from his hand and places it in the Guardian circle. The unit appeared in front of Gancelot, protecting him.

“Guard, Flogal.” He said. That darn pink puppy returns to be a nuisance, grade 0 with 10000 Shield. The fireball touches Flogal easily, but fails at doing damage to Gancelot. I now turn Tejas and Jarran.

“Boosted by Jarran, Tejas swoops in! Jarran’s skill grants +4000 power to Tejas.” I said. Tejas now had +18000 power in total, attacking Gancelot once again. Ushio places another card down.

“Guard! Bringer of Good Luck, Epona.” Ushio said. A small woman in a bug like set of armour with wings, and a helmet with bug eyes. Riding a mechanical Japanese rhinoceros beetle, defending the Vanguard. Tejas’s bullets hit Epona, but are then blocked by Gancelot. He raised his blade to block it. Tejas returned to the spot he was on. I breathed in, as a sign of relief. The game isn’t over, and I don’t want it to end just yet. Not before I show him the full power of my Clan, the Kagero Clan.
“Now time for the main event.” I turn Dragonic Overlord on his own without Aermo boosting. Ushio looks surprised and wonders why I did that. Dragonic Overlord had flames coming out from his mouth, flames that were coloured dark red, orange with bits of yellow here and there as well as the colour black. Dragonic Overlord was 16000 power thanks to the Counterblast I did.

“My Vanguard attack. Dragonic Overlord, scorch Tristan!” I said. Ushio thought to himself what, why attack my Rear-Guard with the Vanguard. Dragonic Overlord shot his flames from his mouth and burned Tristan. He screamed in pain as he burned from the flames and disappeared in blue sparks. The card was placed into the Drop Zone. I smiled and continued.

“Drive check. No trigger.” I said. Ushio also wondered why I didn’t do a Twin Drive. He was totally confused.

“Dragonic Overlord’s skill. When he retires a Rear-Guard in battle, he stands up for another attack but he loses his Twin Drive.” I said. Ushio’s face was in shock, he didn’t know how powerful my avatar was. Well, now he’s getting a taste. I turned Overlord for another attack.

“Dragonic Overlord, attack Morgana. Eternal Flame!” I shouted. That’s the name of Overlords attack. Dragonic Overlord shot more fire, this time at Morgana. She trembled at being hit by this wall of flames approaching her.

“No guard.” Ushio said. Saving the cards in his hand for the attack on his Vanguard. The flames burned her alive. Morgana vanishes from Dragonic Overlord’s sight. I drive deck the top card and reveal it to be a trigger. The trigger glowed and everyone was excited at the sight.

“Critical Trigger, giving all effects to Overlord.” I said. I placed the card into my hand, and then continued the attack. Overlord’s power went up to +21000 and +1 Critical. I stood Overlord back up then boosted him with Aermo for full power. With Aermo’s own power 6000 added onto Overlord’s power combine, make him a deadly of +27000 power.

“Aermo boosts, Dragonic Overlord attack Gancelot.” I said, with such enthusiasm. Aermo’s aura surrounds Overlord as he prepares to fire at Gancelot. Gancelot looked very worried, waiting for this attack to hit. Ushio took the cards in his hand and placed them on the Guardian Circle, every last one card in his hand.
“Guard!” Ushio said. The two cards had a 10000 Shield, making Gancelot 29000. I placed my hand on the top of my deck, hoping for a trigger to appear. The two units in front of Gancelot raised their defences. Overlord waited for the right time to strike.

“Drive Check.” I said. Turning the top card over slowly. Everyone watched in anticipation. John looked on, almost looks like his mouth was watering. The card was revealed.

“Stand Trigger!” I said. Everyone gasped and looked amazed. They cheered me on. Oh, how I was enjoying this game. Everything about it is amazing and imaginative.

“+5000 power to Overlord, and I stand Dragon Knight, Nehalem. Now take the full force. Eternal Flame!” I said. With a strong, determined tone in my voice. I stood Nehalem; I now knew that either way, he’d lose. Unless he got a Heal Trigger, this game was over. Overlord’s power went up to +32000 from the Trigger. Dragonic Overlord roared, the flames were falling from his mouth onto the ground forming flames around my Kagero formation. Overlord shot his fire at Gancelot. The units defending him were burned to a crisp. Gancelot grunted in pain for a few seconds before screaming. The top two cards of Ushio’s deck were placed in the Damage Zone.

No Heal Trigger. At the end of the game, Shinich, 5 damage and Ushio, 6 damage. The game is over, Shinich has won. I have won my first match of Vanguard against one of our schools top players. John and the others were crowded around me and said how awesome I did and that I won my first match against a good player. Ushio packed up his cards and walked up to me, I could see that he was smiling. He shook my hand and said “I hope to fight you again.”

That got me wondering. Did he respect me? Or does he see that I’m really strong? I didn’t care at the moment. After that we went back to class. John didn’t shut up about the game the whole time.

“That was amazing dude. The way you won and Overlord’s Eternal Flame is just so powerful. And… And that Nehalem was there for back up. That was awesome!” John said. Everyone could hear him. I didn’t mind his enthusiasm, and hearing him speck about my game made me happier. I felt I could give this game my attention. Our teacher, Mr Barge turned to face the class.

“John, perhaps you would like to let the class in on what you and Shinichi are talking about?!” He said. So sternly, Mr Barge was a great teacher but knew when it was that we could talk and when we would learn. John shakes his head faster than a fish jumping out of water. Mr Barge turned back to the chalk board and continued with the lesson. John turned to me a smiled. I smiled back. The world of Vanguard is a tough one but also great fun. After school I went home safely. I saw that mum was working on her art project. She loves art. She used to do many paintings and sketches before meeting my dad.

“Hi Shin, welcome home.” She said. Turning around to see me taking my shoes off and entering the lounge room. I took a look at her painting, and it looked amazing. The painting was of beautiful grassland with different types of fantasy animals.

“That looks great mum. When did you start this?” I said. My mouth was slightly open from the amazing painting. She smiled.

“Well. I just started so far, but I’m not even done yet and I’m getting different ideas.” Mum said. I saw she was smiling while talking. I nodded.

“Either way. It still looks great.” I said. After that, I walked up to my room and place my bag on the door knob. I flicked through my deck again, seeing that all my cards were there. Then I found my Dragonic Overlord SP card. I admired its beauty. I smiled as I knew this card is one worth keeping.

The next thing I knew it was night time and I was fast asleep. The dream I had was strange. I was on this planet much like earth, but the terrain was much different and its inhabitancies were out of this world. Something I had never seen before. But then I saw him. Dragonic Overlord, standing there in the middle of the ground. Overlord waited for something, something over the other side. A dragon covered by shadows came forth and engaged Overlord in battle. They were evenly matched in combat and in power, but this dragon of shadow was consumed by the darkness and became something different. He overpowered Overlord to the ground, and then turned his attention to me.
Those eyes of his. Those red, glowing, evil eyes. He stared straight into my soul. I could tell he wanted to do something to me, but I didn’t know what. And then, it spoke.

“Watch on as your beloved avatar is consumed by the endless void!” It said. His voice so sinister and intimidating. After I saw it smile, I screamed and woke up from my nightmare. My Grandfather was the first person to come into my room.

“Shinichi! Are you ok? It sounded like you had a very bad nightmare.” He asked. He always sounded very concerned.

“I’m ok. Just…. I just saw something very scary. A dragon that saw fighting Dragonic Overlord.” I said. Still a bit shaken by the nightmare.

“Did you see what this dragon looked like?” He asked. My guess is that he wanted to know what it was.

“No. It was covered by shadows.” I said. I tried my best to think clearly to find some features, but to no avail. My Grandfather hugged me and we went down for breakfast. Dad had to go early, so he gave us all kisses goodbye and went off. I went to the local card shop with my Grandfather. We decided to buy some more cards. My Grandfather is a collector, he has some many cards and that is how he was able to get me the rare Kagero Trial Deck. We pulled some cool cards and I added them to my deck, in hopes of making it stronger. I saw the front desk lady putting a poster up on the walls. It had two Vanguard units fighting each other and the words “Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournament Regional Qualifier Entry. Saturday March at 12:00 PM” I took one look at it and knew I had to enter this tournament. I went to the front desk and asked “Hi miss, might I ask what the entry fee is? And what age you have to be?”
She turned her attention to me and smiled, she probably thought I was a stupid kid asking questions.

“No need to call me miss, and the entry fee is only 5 dollars. The tournament is for all ages, as long as younger kids are accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.” She said. I nodded in excitement. I went to Grandfather to tell him the news.

“Grandfather Look, there’s a tournament entry!” I yelled. I felt a great challenge ahead in this tournament. I took a look and smiled at me, I think he knew where I was going.

“Well, we could do some training for this week. Get you ready for the tournament.” He said. I saw that great smile of his while he talked. He always had such a great smile at his age.

“Really? This’ll be awesome! Come on let’s head home and tell mum and dad when they come back.” I said. We paid for our things and rushed back home. Now my adventure really kicks off.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Clans and people.

I find it quite strange that people ask for cards of a Clan they're building but then stop building it because they didn't like it or they think the deck is boring. Everyone has their own Clan. Everyone has a type of deck they use. It's not up to me or anyone to tell them what they should put in it or what Clan they should use part from the one they do use. Like they say, to each his own. But it doesn't make sense when someone makes a deck then forgets it. I don't forget the decks I've used in the past, I'm not going to say I get bored but at least I go back and have fun with them later on. Tell me what type of Clans choose you or what is your favorite card, then next time, I'll tell you mine. Later.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Burning Spirit Episode 1

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Burning Spirit

Episode 1: Fiery Beginning

A grey cloudy sky, along with purple lightning striking the surface of the battlefield. A tall dragon charges at an elven knight with shining silver armour with a helmet that has wings and a Pegasus, wearing a blue cape with red on the inside, mounted on an armoured Pegasus and wielding a bright glowing blade with a blue aura. The dragons face is covered by his helmet, his blade swipes at the knight but is blocked by a pink mechanical dog. She evaporates into blue dust particles and then the dragon tries to attack once again, but is denied his attack as the elven knight guards with his sword. The dragon speaks.

“Unbelievable! You still think you can win, Gancelot?” the dragon looks him in the eyes then backs away. He has two warbeasts at his side. They're wearing purple and black robes and skulls for a necklace. Gancelot has two men by his side with orange and red scarfs and sheathed swords; both blind folded. A little boy with blue and white robes holding a book and wearing glasses is behind one of the warriors.

“I’ll be able to survive this turn, your finished Gancelot!” said the dragon named Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU. Gancelot smiles at the remark, as he prepares his Pegasus to charge.

“Think again, ZANBAKU. I’m preparing to charge up the counterblasts!” Gancelot’s blade starts to glow blue as a blue aura shines around his body.

“Oh god!” ZANBAKU starts to tremble at this sight and bolsters his defences.

“Stealth Beast, White Mane, will Intercept!” the two robed warbeasts teleport from a cloud of smoke in front of ZANBAKU to guard their general. Gancelot charges at them, not caring that these warriors stand in his way. With one swift, swing from his sword, he cuts straight through the White Manes with ease. They both disappear in a cloud of grey smoke, but through the smoke comes Gancelot as he lays a fatal blow on ZANBAKU.

“This is the end!” shouts Gancelot and ZANBAKU starts to fade away in a cloud that is a dark teal colour. Gancelot has won the battle. But now I cut back to reality. I see that the game has come to an end. To the right end of the table, Ushio Suzuki, a young Japanese man around the age of eighteen to nineteen, with black middle length hair, a blue jacket with a white shirt under it and light brown pants and black and white shoes on, had defeated the man at the left end, my sister’s boyfriend Jason Benjamin, an American man aged twenty with black short hair, a black singlet, bright red baggy pants and Nike's. He also had a piercing on the right side of his lips and eyebrows. Jason punches the table in anger at his humiliating defeat in front of my sister.

“How… How did I lose to someone who has a trial deck, when I put a lot into making this deck work?!” Ushio had packed his cards in a blue deck box with the Cardfight!! Vanguard circle on the front and back. 
Yoshio looked at him and said “It’s because you didn’t see a winning image with that deck, I saw mine with this.” He looks at the deck box and walks to the card store manager, a fiery redhead with beautiful green eyes and purple lipstick; she was wearing casual clothing in the store and bright green shoes. The store manager had declared Yoshio the winner of the store tournament, everyone started clapping and cheering. I was at the back of the crowed, looking at Jason. He seemed pretty upset that he didn’t win.
My name is Shinichi Hara and I’m only fifteen years old and have brown wavy short hair and blue eyes, wearing a grey long sleeve tee-shirt and light cream coloured pants with red sports shoes. My sister, Kiriko Hara went to see if Jason was alright. I could tell from the rage in his eyes that he wasn’t. My sister wore light and dark blue coloured clothing, with a long sleeved tee-shirt, an unbuttoned vest over it and a blue skirt, with lovely light blue shoes.
The walk back home was eventful, listening to Jason go on about how he could have won and how he could have done this, could have done that. I zoned out ages ago. I was too busy messing with my game on the DS. Jason decided to vent his frustration out on me and snatched the DS out of my hands.
I quickly looked back at him and said “Give it back, please?” I tried to jump at him but he nudged me to the ground.

My sister didn't do more than say“Jason, stop messing around and just give it back to him”.
Jason laughed a bit and walked up to me. 

I caught the DS as he threw it at me with a menacing look and said “There you go, you little runt.” He then walked off with Kiriko. I got back up and managed to get home quickly. Dad was at work, like always and mum was doing her work. I went straight up stairs, washed my hands and sat down at my desk, where I had my lap light on. To my left was a present my grandfather had given me. I hadn’t opened it yet because he was coming down to visit us soon; I wanted to open it with him here. He's been diagnosed with cancer; it’s not severe and he's going through chemo therapy so that it doesn't spread. He could have surgery to remove it but the problem is him surviving the operation and having the money to pay for it. Night came quickly and I was off to bed.

I heard a light knock on my door and said. “Come in” as I climbed into bed. It was my dad, he’d come in to talk to me. He was wearing his suit still. He sat at the end of my bed and patted my leg.

“How was your day, son?” he asked me. I shrugged.

“Can’t complain, had a good day, you? I asked. My father shrugged his shoulders as well then scratched his left cheek.

“Helped out clients then found out from Kiriko that Jason hurt you. Are you ok?” He placed his hand on my shoulder. Dad has always looked out for me and hates Jason as much as I do.

I hugged him and said “I’m ok dad, I just really want him to stop antagonising me” Dad patted me on the back then held me at arms length, hands on my shoulders, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Shinichi, Kiriko will not be with him forever, believe me. He will make a mistake that she won’t over look, besides, I think you should hang out with your American friend more; not all of them are bad” He smiled and laughed a bit, so did I; it brought a smile to my face.

“Good night, Shinichi.” Dad said as he kissed me on the head then walked to the door. He turned back to me.

“Shinichi, are you looking forward to grandfather coming down? He misses you guys so much”.

I nodded.“Yeah, I haven’t seen him in a while and I love him so much, but doesn’t he miss you and mum?” Dad nodded back in response and walked out the door, closing it behind him.

“Good night dad” I called out then snuggled down and drifted off to sleep. 

The next morning at school was eventful as I heard my best friend, Johnathan Trave, scream at the top of his lungs “Final turn!”. He has blond short hair and silver eyes. He’s wearing the school uniform but with the two top buttons undone and his tie loosened and black shoes. He's always been a bad ass in, a sense,but he is a great guy.

“Stand and Draw” John said, turning his cards on the mat so they faced up then drew one from his deck. He drew a creepy looking demon then cheered himself for drawing what he needed. The other kids around were in awe as this match was pretty big. I watched thinking John was amazing; he was a natural at Cardfighting. Cardfight!! Vanguard is the name of the card game that John, Jason and Ushio play. It’s a game where you are a leader of a clan on the planet Cray and as this leader, the vanguard, you level up your grade and call other units into battle alongside you. Your mission is to defeat your opponent’s vanguard and claim victory and the land they defended or they claim yours. On Cray, I could imagine that on the battlefield, this demon, at grade two, stared down this massive behemoth giant, grade three unit called Juggernaut Maximum. He had a football helmet and shoulder pads with spikes on them along with cuffs with spikes and chains, hence why his clan is called Spike Brothers. The demon is the grade two unit, Demon of Aspiration, Amon. John’s main cards are the evolutions of Amon, a mighty demon lord of the Dark Irregulars clan. John held his card and started to chant.

“Your power evolves beyond mortals, ripping the minds and souls of foes are child’s play. Beware and cower, the devil has arrived! I Ride! Demon World Marquis, Amon!” John places the card on top of the one he has on the Vanguard Circle and it spins for a while, the card and the vanguard circle glowing maroon. Amon’s body changes and grows taller, his stomach rips open and develops teeth and an eye. His skin becomes black and red, he grows two more arms and his wings and tail become bigger, grade 3 with 10000 power. He roars across the battlefield, a terrible shriek of terrifying power sent fear through the Spike Brothers; this poor opponent facing John had no chance now. They both had four damage dealt to them. The way you win in a Cardfight is that you need to deal sic damage to your opponent and vice versa.

“I activate Amon’s skill, counterblast.” Said John as he flipped one card in his Damage Zone face down, then proceeded to put one of his rear-guard cards into the soul, the pile of cards under the vanguard himself.

“I put one of my Rear-Guards into the soul I choose Demon Bike of the Witching Hour, then you choose one of your Rear-Guards and retire it.” John said. He had a smile on his face, not a sadistic smile, but a smile indicating he’s having lots of fun.

“I’ll retire Wonder Boy.” Said John’s opponent, Billy, a kid with blue dyed hair and brown eyes. Amon shot a demonic laser at Wonder Boy and made him vanish in a cloud of dust coloured dark purple. Amon had swallowed the Demon Bike of the Witching Hour with his mouth. Juggernaut Maximum stood firm against this foe, but it will be his undoing. John picked three cards from his hand and placed them in three open rear-guard circles.

“I Call Demon Bike of the Witching Hour, Prisoner Beast and Gwynn the Ripper.” The three units appear next to and behind Amon, his loyal subjects are ready to end this fight. Gwynn the Ripper had blue skin and wavy long white hair, his armour is black with purple markings on his chest plate and leg guards. He also sports a purple cape that suit his look, grade 2 with 9000 power. 

John then flipped over two cards in his damage zone and says “Counterblast! I active Gwynn’s skill and retire your Panzer Gale!” Gwynn raises his right arm, blades appear around his arm and he shoots one of the spikes into a giant Ogre with a purple shirt with the number sixteen on it, along with purple spiked shoulder pads and a helmet with a massive silver horn. Panzer Gale vanishes in a big cloud of light purple dust. Demon Bike of the Witching Hour is behind Gwynn - the bike is demonic looking with spikes and glowing red lights, grade 1 with 6000 power. John now prepares his attack on Billy.

“Prisoner Beast boosts Werewolf Sieger and he attacks your Vanguard!” John said turning his cards side-ways. Prisoner Beast has blue fur all over except for his hands and feet which are covered in yellow fur. His horns are yellow and he is quite big for a demon, but, ironically, his wings are too small. He also has chains on him so that he cannot escape, grade 1 with 8000 power. He starts producing this maroon coloured aura that then gives his 8000 power to Werewolf Sieger. Sieger is a demonic looking werewolf with claws that put lions to shame; his power is now boosted with the power that Prisoner Beast wields, and he is now at +18000 power. With this, Sieger rushes his way up to Juggernaut Maximum. Billy takes one card and places it above the vanguard and the two front row rear-guards.

“Guard with Silence Joker!” Billy declares. A purple demon wrapped in spikes teleported from a light purple coloured dust in front of Juggernaut, grade 0 with 10000 Shield. Sieger sliced his way through Joker, but his power was reduced and he wasn’t strong enough to harm Juggernaut, so he backed off to stand beside Amon. 

John smiled and chuckled a bit, saying “Not bad Billy, brilliant really; but it’s far from over.” John then turns Devil Child, a grade one boosting unit behind Amon, then does the same for Demon World Marquis, Amon. Devil Child is a demon woman with black coverings and white skin, along with black horns and red cloth like threads coming off her coverings. She wields two black spears with golden chains around them, her maroon aura adds her power to Amon’s. Her 6000 power is added on to Amon’s 10000 power making him +16000. 

John says “Devil Child boosts Demon World Maquis, Amon” Amon’s eye within his abdomen opens, releasing this laser that turns into a tiny black flaming ball that Amon charges with his four hands. John then adds to the power of Amon with his and Devil Child’s skills.

“Devil Child’s skill activate. When there is six or more cards in the soul, my Dark Irregulars vanguard gains an additional +4000 power on top of what he has.” Amon’s power went from 16000 to +20000 in an instant, his flames start to grow larger and his hands are now further apart from each other.
“But I’m not done there.” Said John. Billy looked worried, wondering what was going to happen next, trembling slightly at the sight. John took out the cards that were in the vanguards soul and counted them. There were fifteen.

John smiled then placed the cards back under Amon and said “Amon has a skill.” Billy gasped, he knew something bad was about to hit.

“During my turn, Amon gains +1000 power for every card in the soul, right now I have fifteen. So Amon gains +15000 power!” Amon now became a powerhouse, reaching +35000 power with those skills. Amon’s ball of fire was now humungous, the fire was jet-black flames dancing around the ball of fire. Amon laughed his demonic "human" laugh, Juggernaut cringed at the sound. Billy could see this wouldn’t go down well for him.

“Feel the power of Amon, attack!” John said, with his right hand above his vanguard, glowing with a maroon colour.

Placing the cards in his hands down on the mat, Billy decided to say“No guard.” Guarding is the act of taking cards from your hand and adding their defensive shield to your Rear-Guard or your Vanguard - the lower the grade, the more powerful the shield is. But it this case, it seems Billy wants to wait it out a bit. John placed his right hand on the top of his deck, ready to perform a twin drive. A drive check can only be done with the Vanguard; it’s the act of taking the top card of your deck and showing it to your opponent, in the hopes of getting a trigger unit. Trigger units are all grade zeros - they have a special effect that can only be activated when you do a drive check, and they give you a bonus +5000 power and an added effect. A twin drive can only be done with a grade three vanguard - it allows you to check two cards instead of one, in the hopes of getting a trigger unit or two. There are four types of trigger units. Critical Triggers are units that allow you to give a unit +1 Critical that in turn deals two damage to an opponent, then if you get another that’s +2 Critical that deals three damage and so on. Stan Triggers allow you to stand a unit that has just attack, allowing for more attacks in one turn. Draw Triggers allow you to draw one card from your deck. And Heals Triggers allow you to heal one point of damage if you have higher or the same amount of damage as your opponent.

“Twin drive check.” Said John as he reveals the first card, Dark Knight of Nightmareland is revealed, a Critical Trigger. John smiles as the card glows yellow and reveals it to Billy.

“Critical Trigger, giving +5000 power to Gwynn, and the Critical effect to Amon.” Gwynn gains a +5000 power boost and has +14000 power now, as for Amon, he gets to inflict two damage to Billy. Juggernaut whimpers at the sight of Amon’s power; if he wasn’t scared before he sure is now. John reveals the next card to be Devil Child, not a trigger. John says.

“Face the awesome power of hell, Inferno Ritual!” Amon fired the massive black ball or fire at Juggernaut Maximum, it hit with such ferocity and power. 

Billy had a look of determination, hoping to pull a heal trigger, therefor he announced “Damage Trigger check.” The way you take damage in the game is the same way you drive check with the Vanguard, but instead of the card or cards going to your hand, they are sent to the damage zone to your left. He checked a card, but it wasn’t a trigger. He checked the next and no luck there; Billy had six damage - he had lost. The guys went wild, they cheered for John, who was considered the best player in the 9th grade vanguard club.

“John Trave has won the cardfight!” Said the announcer. John rose from his seat and approached me first, with that smile on his face.

“Well? Did that quench your thirst for the game?” He said, giving me a nudge on my shoulder.

“I don’t even know what that’s meant to mean” I laughed. Everyone was talking as the home bell rang. 

John walked with me home, his house not being too far from mine. He asked me something that I’m sure he’s asked me before, but that didn’t stop him.

“So, have you thought about giving vanguard a try?” I looked at him, turning my attention away from the game I was playing on my DS.

I simply said “I have, I just don’t know what type of deck I would like to make.” John patted me on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry man, I’ll help you. When you find out what clan you want, let me know and I’ll find anything related to them.” John said. I smiled and nodded my thanks. John and I have been friends forever and he's always been there for me. I helped him make more friends and he’s repayed me by helping me with homework, and nasty people that I couldn’t handle on my own. 

We parted ways as soon as I approached the front door to my house. I opened it to be greeted by my grandfather. His hair was grey but neat, he had light blue eyes and a few wrinkles but still looked in good shape. I gave him a big hug as soon as I saw him; I'd really missed him and was on the verge of tears.

“Oh, looks like someone missed you a lot.” My mum said. She had her hair in a ponytail, it was light brown and she had bright brown eyes too. After having dinner and catching up with events, Grandfather said that he was doing well with the chemo therapy; the cancer hadn't spread and he'd almost saved up enough for the surgery. He came up to my room to talk to me and saw the present, unopened.

He sat next to me on the bed. “Why haven’t you opened it yet?” He said with a confused look on his face. I had to explain.

“Well, I wanted to open it when you came down, it’ll make it so much better, I think.” He smiled and a small tear ran down his cheek. He passed me the present and encouraged me to open it. I tore the golden paper and gasped - it was a bunch of items related to vanguard. I now had in my hands a Cardfight!! Vanguard Trial Deck 2: Raging Dragon of the Empire. The small box was red and had a unit on the front cover, a red armoured humanoid dragon with yellow eyes and wings made of fire, a might dragon sword in his hand. There were also five vanguard packs of CFV BT01 Descent of the King of Knights. These packs had a knight in white armour on a blue horse with fire for hair; the art work was quite amazing. I opened the deck first and flicked through the cards, they all looked great but the one card that stood out to me was the cover card, Dragonic Overlord. I opened the packs and pulled some great cards to add to my deck. I got two Wyvern Guard, Barri double rare cards, a Vortex Dragon double rare card, Dragon Knight, Aleph double rare and another Dragonic Overlord SP rarity, the highest there is. Grandfather was watching me grin and exclaim over each card, amazed at such a wonderful gift. He smiled and told me something that made me honour the cards even more.e.

“This clan, the Kagero clan, are one of four legendary clans that are quite hard to find. I got this a while ago and saved it for this occasion. I want you to have this deck and build one yourself, enjoy it with your friends and meet new people.” He said, solemnly. For some reason, I felt sad, tears falling from eyes and my Grandfather hugged me hard.

“I’m sorry grandfather, for not being able to help you.” I said. My cries could be heard through the house, mum, dad and my sister Kiriko came to my bedroom door, watching quietly. 

My grandfather held me and said “There’s no need to be sorry Shinichi, if I am meant to die, then I have lived a good life. You and Kiriko are the best things to enter my life, I am very happy to have seen the both of you again.” Those words followed me into my dreams and were still in my head when I awoke the next day for school. Putting my clothes on, I noticed that my new deck was on the bed side table. I grabbed it and popped it into my custom made red deck box. I headed out the door. John was waiting at the school gate for me. 

He patted my shoulder as I walked up to him and asked “Hey man, decided what clan you wanted to use?” I smiled at his persistence but waited till we got to class, placed my bag on my desk and got out my deck box. 

I showed it to him and said. “Yes I have, it’s in this deck box right now.” He took out the deck and the first unit he saw was Dragonic Overlord; his eyes didn’t lie to him. It was a Kagero deck that I have.

“No way, you’ve got a Kagero clan? Where did you get this?!” I smiled as he asked; he seemed to enjoy this moment. Hours passed and lunch time was here. We walked out to the tables with our food and talked about events. John had just found out that he can go to the shop tournament. I gave him my full support and he was happy. There was a cardfight going on, between two cardfighters named George and Ushio, a few tables away. I was surprised he went to my school, he always seemed to me like the type of person who has already finished school. We heard a shout and cheering; Ushio had just won the fight and stood up in triumph.

“Hey, you!” John yelled out. I cringed at his voice and how loud it was.

“Ouch! Do you have to yell so loud?” I asked. John turned to me and smiled nervously.

“Haha, sorry. Anyway, Ushio, you want to fight me?” He yelled again, turning back to Ushio who looked everywhere but at John.

“I don’t fight those who are below me.” Ushio stated, finally looking John in the eyes. John was furious, being called below someone is like a punch in the stomach. John was ready to knock the lights out of him, I tried to hold him back and, with the help of two others, we restrained him. 
I walked over to the Ushio and said “Ushio, I… I don’t like it when people insult my friends, I will fight you!” John was shocked. He shrugged off those holding him back and calmly walked up to me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Shinich, are sure? I mean you saw what this guy did in the tournament, he annihilated the competition and this would be your first match.” I nodded.

“I’m sure, besides I need to start somewhere and I’ve learned how to play before.” I said, looking at Ushio. This weird feeling came over me; there was something in his eyes that wasn’t normal, almost supernatural. 

He smiled and said to me “Sure, I’m game.” We walked to the cardfight table and sat at opposite ends. We took our first vanguards and placed them face down on the vanguard circles. After that, we shuffled our decks and placed them in the deck zone.

“Are you ready?" Ushio said. "Imagine it, we’re standing on the surface of the planet Cray. A world much like ours but different in terrain and inhabitants.” In my mind, Cray looked beautiful, with dragons and eagles the size of humans, soaring through the clouds. We picked up our card, ready to do battle on Cray. The cards I have are Embodiment of Armour Bahr, Wyvern Strike Tejas, Wyvern Strike, Jarran, Flame of Hope, Aermo and Dragon Monk, Goku. Ushio had two Little Sage Marrons, Wingal, Knight of Silence, Gallatin and Solitary Knight, Gancelot. 

We placed our right hand on our Vanguards and said in unison “Stand up, Vanguard!”

Our vanguards turned over to the card art and our circles glowed: mine glowed red and I said with a proud and furious tone “Lizard Runner, Undeux!." The red aura evaporated and showed this lizard with mechanical wings, wielding two yellow pulse blades roared like a baby dragon, grade 0 with 6000 power. Ushio’s vanguard circle glowed blue and called out his first vanguard.

“Stardust Trumpeter!” With the blue waves disappearing, a little angel girl in white with a trumpet stood against my Undeux, grade 0 with 6000 power. Ushio drew a card from his deck and took one from his hand, stacking it on top of his vanguard.

“I Ride, Little Sage Marron.” The Vanguard Circle glows as he placed the card on top. Stardust Trumpeter blows her horn and is transformed into a little boy with blue robes covered with white armour, with a blue hat with a white stripe, a red and purple book in his right hand.

“I end my turn.” Ushio said, looking me straight in the eyes. I draw my next card, Berserk Dragon, a grade 2. Could come in handy next time. I take a card and do the same thing he did in the beginning.

“Ride the Embodiment of Armour, Bahr.” Undeux is covered by a flash of red light and turns into this demon with white hair, blue skin, and yellow eyes and is in demonic armour wielding a black sword, grade 1 with 8000 power. He grunts as he swipes his sword through the dust.

“Then I Call the Flame of Hope, Aermo.” Behind Bahr, a girl with red skin and tribal clothing appears, grade 1 with 6000. I turn Aermo side ways and do the same with Bahr.

“Boosted by Aermo, Bahr attacks your vanguard.” I said to Ushio, Bahr was covered by Aermo’s red aura as his power of 8000 was increased by Aermo’s power of 6000 combining it to +14000 power, Bahr lifts his blade onto his shoulder and charges at Marron who readies himself for the attack.

Ushio said “No guard.” 

I put my hand on the top of my deck to perform a drive check, Bahr charges at Marron.

“Drive check, no Trigger.” I say, revealing the top card to be Dragon Knight, Nehalem, a grade 2 and not a trigger, but at least I hit his vanguard. Marron was struck by Bahr’s blade and fell to his knees. Bahr jumps back as Marron gets back up.

“Damage check.” Ushio takes the top card and places it in the damage zone. The game score is Shinichi 0 damage and Ushio, 1 damage. He draws a card for his turn. His eyes glowed that weird blue colour again, very different from his usual eye colour, I really didn’t understand it. I raised his card to the sky, the card had a glow to it, shining and bright.

“Stand up the Sword of Courage! Ride! Blaster Blade!” Ushio shouts out and places the card on the Vanguard Circle, the blue glow appears when Blaster Blade is rode. Marron changes from this mage to a tall warrior, in white armour with futuristic patterns and spiky shoulder blades, blades of his heels and a helmet, along with a long white blade; he places his sword into the ground in front of him and puts both his hands on the hilt of the blade, grade 2 with 9000 power. Everyone was in awe, they knew something I didn’t.

“Can you believe, out of all of the fighter, the legendary Royal Paladin clan would choose him?” One of the watchers said.

“Yeah, they’re really hard to get, and also hard to use, but Ushio is using them like he’s always had them.” Another said, so this clan was another that is legendary, the Royal Paladin clan, amazing.

“I Call Knight of Silence, Gallatin, Little Sage, Marron and Wingal to Rear-Guard.” Appearing next to him is another Marron, grade 1 with 8000 power and the warrior from his tournament shop win, the blind one with the red scarf with armoured shoulder pads and greaves, armed with his sword in his sheath ready to do battle, grade 2 with 10000 power. Wingal, on the other hand, is a blue dog with wings for ears and a red scarf. He also has a little dagger on his left front leg, grade 1 with 6000 power.

“Marron attacks first.” Said Ushio, switching his rear guard sideways. Marron opens his book and blasts Bahr with magical lightning, Bahr grunts in pain. The top card of my deck is placed in the damage zone.

“Boosted by Wingal, my vanguard Blaster Blade attacks Bahr.” Said Ushio in a stern tone. Blaster Blade picks his sword up, holding it out in front of him with both hands, Wingal gives his power to the vanguard with a blue aura surrounding them both, 9000 was increased by 6000 to become +15000 power. Ushio then said.

“Wingal’s skill activates, while boosting a unit named “Blaster Blade” the unit is given an extra +4000 power!” Blaster Blade was give more power, now he was at +19000 power, over more than he needed to attack, but more isn’t bad, well not bad form, me, yes.

“Drive check.” Ushio, takes the top card and reveals it to be, a trigger. The card in his hand glows golden yellow from the trigger activating.

“Draw Trigger. +5000 power to Gallatin, and then draw. Ushio said, drawing his card and placing it in his hand. Gallatin’s power is now +15000 while Blaster Blade lips from the air and slams his blade across the middle of Bahr, Bahr cries out from the attack and Blaster Blade leaps back next to Gallatin and Marron with his sword in hand. 

My second card is placed on the Damage Zone, then Ushio switches Gallatin sideways and says “Last, Gallatin attacks Bahr.” Gallatin charges and my vanguard, drawing his blade from his sheath then slashes him across the stomach. Bahr grunts in pain and knees down. I take the next card and reveal it, and my luck it was a trigger; it glowed bright.

“Damage check, Heal Trigger, +5000 to my vanguard and I recover 1 point of damage.” I said, taking one of the cards and putting it in the Drop Zone, Bahr’s power is now +13000.

“Turn end.” Ushio says. The game score is now Shinichi, 2 damage and Ushio, 1 damage. 

I turn my card up right and said “Stand and Draw.” I draw my next to be revealed as Embodiment of Armour, Bahr. I then took a card and placed it on the Vanguard Circle; it was Nehalem. The Vanguard Circle glowed red when I rode him.

“Ride! Dragon Knight, Nehalem.” I said, proudly. Bahr’s body flashes from a red light and a new unit emerges - a knight in blue armour wearing a red scarf, with a javelin, a large purple shield with a sword symbol and an incrusted green gem. He is mounted on a brown scaled dragon with steel claws attached to his arms, grade 2 with 10000 power. I take three of my cards and throw them on the Rear-Guard circles; the three units glow yellow.

“Call, Berserk Dragon, Wyvern Strike Tejas and Jarran.” I said and a blue scaled dragon with two long necked heads, wings, flame projectors in his hands and armour covering his chest, appeared on the right side of Nehalem, grade 2 with 9000 power. Wyvern Strike, Tejas, is a knight in steel armour, a red cape, holding a blue shield and a sword at his side, sitting astride a blue mechanized wyvern with cream coloured under side of its neck, two missiles under each of his wings and a mini gun inside its mouth, grade 2 with 8000 power. Jarran is a knight in orange armour with green parts on it. He wields a double edged javelin on a mechanized wyvern that is red and white with a fire mechanic in its mouth, grade 1 with 6000 power.

“Counterblast.” I said, turning the two cards in my damage zone face down. Berserk Dragon starts to ignite flames from his hands and the glands in his mouths.

“I retire your Knight of Silence, Gallatin.” I said. Berserk Dragon shoots fire at Gallatin, burning him into blue dust. The card itself is sent to the Drop Zone. Ushio looks unfazed by this turn, but that wouldn’t stop me from attacking. 

Turning Berserk Dragon to the side, I start this off.
“Berserk Dragon attacks Little Sage Marron.” Berserk Dragon lights the fire and burns Marron, he screams in pain and vanishes, Ushio placed Marron into the Drop Zone.

“Aermo boost, Nehalem’s attack on Blaster Blade!” I said, turning Aermo then Nehalem, Aermo’s red aura surrounds Nehalem as his 10000 power is increased by Aermo’s 6000, making Nehalem +16000. Nehalem’s javelin is covered with flames. He points it at Blaster Blade and readies the ignition. Blaster Blade looks worried but stern in the face of this assault. Ushio takes a card from his hand and places it on the Guardian Circle.

“I Guard, Flogal.” Ushio said, guarding with a trigger unit. Flogal, a pink mechanical puppy appears in front of Blaster Blade to protect him, grade 0 with 10000 Shield. This made Blaster Blade stronger than my vanguard with a total of +19000, I wouldn’t hit him.

Damnit, I’ll need a trigger to hit, I thought to myself, placing my hand on the top of my deck, hoping for a trigger to pierce his shield.

“Drive check.” I said, revealing the top card. Everyone watched with such anticipation. It was as if time itself slowed down, the card slowly turned over onto the Trigger Zone. That little glow made everyone’s eyes widen.

“Critical Trigger! +5000 power to Tejas, and +1 Critical to Nehalem.” Tejas now has +13000 power, while Nehalem’s critical is +2. Nehalem shot the fire bolt at Blaster Blade, torching Flogal into blue sparks and hitting Blaster Blade. He screams in agonising pain and falls to his knees. Ushio takes the two cards from his deck and puts them into the Damage Zone; I then turn Jarran and Tejas.

“Boosted by Jarran, Tejas attacks.” Jarran’s aura is given to Tejas and his power is increased by Jarran’s 6000 power, making it +19000.

“Jarran’s skill, giving +4000 to “Wyvern Strike, Tejas” making him +23000.” Tejas flies above Ushio’s vanguard and fires the mini gun.

“No guard.” Ushio said, the bullets hitting Blaster Blade and the ground around him. The fourth card is placed in the Damage Zone.

“Turn end.” I said. Shinichi, 2 damage and Ushio, 4 damage.

“Stand and Draw.” Ushio said, standing all of his units and drawing his next card. Taking the next card, he intends to ride to grade 3; this is where the game really kicks off. But I noticed something, his eyes had that weird blue colour to them.

“You have no hope of winning. Might as well give up, now.” Ushio said, his eyes with that colour; it was all too strange and gave me chills.

I shook it off and said to him “Who are you to look down on me?” Looking at him furiously, he was starting to get on my nerves. Ushio looked at me, cool and uncaring.

“Quiet, you’re obviously below me, just like your sister’s boyfriend.” Ushio said, just smiling with such sinister eyes. At this time, Kiriko and her friends passed by, her friends pointing me out.

“Your brother seems to be getting his but handed to him.” One of her friends said, then the other pipped up and said “You said it sister.” laughing so irritatingly loud. 

Kiriko was just watching in the background while her friends went on about how hot and sexy Ushio was.

What are you doing Shinichi?, she thought. She could see I was barely able to contain my anger towards this guy.

“Hope you’ve said your prayers.” Ushio said, taking the card, ready to ride to the next grade.

“Nobel white wings of pride, spread through the sky and take flight. Proud knight, lead the charge! Ride the Vanguard! Solitary Knight, Gancelot!” Blaster Blade ignited into blue, glowing light and was replaced with the silver knight from his tournament win, grade 3 with 9000 power. The battle was only just getting started.

To be continued…..